ALLEN WATTS cast in new Channel 5 series FIRST KILL LAST KILL

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AVANTI P&M is very pleased to announce that our summer addition to the agency, actor ALLEN WATTS has been cast in a new Channel 5 series FIRST KILL LAST KILL,directed by Nick Aarons and produced by Crackit Productions. ALLEN WATTS will inherit the role of Harold Mackay, the father of Patrick Mackay who was a serial killer back in the 70s.

FIRST KILL LAST KILL is a documentary type series,

Commissioned as a six part series after the success of the Stockwell Strangler, with the help of leading experts, Prof. Wilson will examine this first kill in frighteningly forensic detail to get deep inside the mind of serial killers. He will walk in the murderers footsteps to understand how an unhinged member of society transforms into a violent and brutal slayer of innocent victims. What did they learn from their first kill and how did they apply it to their next? Then using the first and last kill to drive the narrative he'll forensically examine how our subject evolved from first time murderer to sophisticated serial killer throughout their killing spree, before pulling apart the details of the last grizzly slaying that led to their capture and subsequent demise. What was it about this last kill that led to their undoing? By comparing the first and last kill we'll bring fascinating and intelligent new insight into the life and mind of some of Britain's most notorious killers.


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After a successful short run at Battersea Arts Centre, the new SPID experimental theatre show I AM has obtained funds for a UK tour, as well as a full run in London at BUSH THEATRE. With this ocassion, AVANTI P&M is very pleased to announce that our wonderful young actress LAKEISHA LYNCH-STEVENS is currently performing at BUSH THEATRE between 30th September - 25th October 2014.

I think, therefore…iAm

SILVIA BUSUIOC cast in the upcoming feature "UNTITLED"

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AVANTI P&M is very happy to announce that our lead Italian actress SILVIA BUSUIOC has been cast in the upcoming feature


directed by Chris Loizou and produced by Mike Capon and Truk Films.

Our wonderful polyglot actress wil inherit the role of KITTEN,

a beautiful Eastern European girl trafficked in the UK by a merciless man, now with thoughts of becoming a film producer...

Synopsis: "On the verge of his biggest deal yet, indie film producer Kurt Lovell is stuck in his office killing time waiting for the 6pm call that will change his life. As the hours tick by, via phone, email, Face Time, Skype and text, we get to meet the people who inhabit Kurt's world, including his unhappy wife, an obsessive writer, a drug dealing investor, the actress he has had an affair with, and his agent. But life begins to imitate art and events start to spiral out of control until Kurt is not quite sure what is or isn't part of his reality. "

CATALINA MIHAI performing as Lead in Daddies Don't Cry

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AVANTI P&M is very pleased to announce that our youngest Eastern European actress

CATALINA MIHAI will be performing as Anna (Lead) in a new show entitled DADDIES DON'T CRY,

written by Nikos Sarafianos and Margarita G. Pita, directed by Margarita G. Pita and produced by Aight Theatre Collective.


Why do children need both parents after divorce? A true story that starts in every part of the world is unfolding in London. Based on testimonies of parental alienation around the world, Daddies don't cry is a bold performance research project that brings forward the small/big crimes that happen inside broken families.

Sunday 19th October 2014 - 5.30pm

47/49 Tanner Street Arts Space

GEOFFREY CARD on tour in Dubai with The Gingerbread Man

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AVANTI P&M is very happy to announce that our actor GEOFFREY CARD is going on tour in Dubai with


THE GINGERBREAD MAN is directed by Lori Dorman and produced by Lollipop Theatre Company. Our actor GEOFFREY CARD is inheriting the part of PAT the Cow. The tour will be between 12th October - 18th December 2014.

Short Summary: "It’s Christmas time! And Alberto the Baker along with his friend Pastry the Cat make gingerbread men biscuits for their customers, but first, they make one great big gingerbread man for themselves as a treat. After a comical misunderstanding listening to the instructions on their Radio, they do eventually succeed in making a giant Gingerbread Man, but suddenly, he comes alive, much to the surprise of Alberto and Pastry. He escapes, Alberto and Pastry want to capture and eat the gingerbread man so they run after him. The Gingerbread manages to hide from there pursuit but he encounters more dangers during his escape, Cow Pat (from Jack and The Beanstalk – The Most famous Cow in history according to….himself!! , Wonky Donkey (a limping, 3 legged, grunting one eyed donkey) and a Fox who is charming but devious hunter, none of whom can be trusted! All of them want to eat the Gingerbread Man! They all catch up with The Gingerbread Man but they all agree that what they are doing is wrong and that this is in fact The Gingerbread Man’s story and that he alone should decide how the story should end. The Gingerbread Man decides’ they all should become friends, The Gingerbread Man says they can come and see Alberto for food any time they like and they can all visit each other at any time.

They all live happily ever after."

With songs, puppetry, audience participation, slapstick and laughter galore, The Gingerbread Man is a fun family Christmas treat for everyone.

JOSHUA PLUMMER on tour with Rainbow Theatre Company

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AVANTI P&M is very pleased to announce that our young actor JOSHUA PLUMMER is currently in rehearsals and will be touring schools in London and the South East between September - December 2014 with Rainbow Theatre Company.

The Company will be peforming six history based workshops and one pantomine throughout the tour:

"Victorian Children", "The Great Fire of London", "A Child in Ancient Greece", "We'll Meet Again", "A Child in Roman Britain", "Moses & the Egyptians" and "Sleeping Beauty".

To keep up with Rainbow Theatre's touring schedule, please visite their website at:


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AVANTI P&M is very pleased to announce that our wonderful actor LUING ANDREWS has been cast in the upcoming feature film DARK SIGNAL (2015), inheriting the role of a tough Bailiff. Dark Signal is written and directed by Edwards Evers-Swindell, with co-writer Antony Jones and starts filming this early September.


Logline: The spirit of a murdered girl returns with a message. Now a stranded woman must team up with the staff of a local station to solve the mystery of her death.


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AVANTI P&M is very excited to announce that our wonderful actress CAROLINE BURNS COOKE is going to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 for a full  run with the American production of THE TRIAL OF JANE FONDA, with Oscar nominater, Golden Globe winner, actress Anne Archer in lead role, understudied by our brilliant actress. 


has just finished a short preview period in London at The Gatehouse Theatre and

will be seen in Edinburgh at The Assembly Rooms, opening on Wednesday, 30th July.

Jane Fonda is one of the most controversial anti-war activists in American history. On 18th June 1988, in a little-known event, Fonda confronted a group of hostile Vietnam veterans at a church in Waterbury, Connecticut, who were boycotting the filming of her movie STANLEY & IRIS, co-starring Robert De Niro. They feel she has betrayed the country and them. A former chaplain makes it possible for both sides to hear each other. This is based on a true incident. The vets are loosely based on the real men who attended. The true story of what Fonda actually did and how her actions helped end the Vietnam War has never been told before.

Starring Oscar nominated, Golden Globe winner, Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger).

Written and directed by seven-time Emmy-winning producer/director, Terry Jastrow.

SILVIA BUSUIOC cast in a new series of FUORICLASSE for RAI 1

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AVANTI P&M has learned with a great joy that our young lead actress SILVIA BUSUIOC will keep her role in the 3rd series of FUORICLASSE drama for RAI 1 TV Channel in Italy.

Silvia is inheriting the role of GALINA, an Eastern European immigrant to Italy

and she preparing to start shooting at the end of the month.


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AVANTI P&M is very pleased with the news that our thespian JOE BUCKINGHAM has been cast in a new musical entitled MUSICA INVECTIVA. Joe will be understudying the lead tenor role.

Based on the celebrated Dictionary of Musical Invective, the show charts the trials of composers and masterpieces of classical music on the road to greatness at the hands of their critics. The script draws on original press from the UK, America, France and Germany.

The first performance is one of the professional events in London for World Sight Day 2014 and will take place at City of London School, Blackfriars at 4pm.