BELVEDERE - London transfer


The new production of Belvedere, starring Steve Wickenden as Anton and Kathryn Worth as Dr. Defoe/Stephanie opened in 2013 in Brighton Fringe Festival to 5 star reviews both by

FringeReview and


Anton, a famous writer, checks into the psychiatric clinic Belvedere to have his hallucinations treated by Dr. Defoe, one of the staff physicians there. Both Anton and the doctor are challenged by the appearance of a strange visitor from Anton's past. Soon, the borders between reality, imagination and pure hallucination become more and more fuzzy...



"'Belvedere' has a truly brilliant structure that sets it apart from most current drama. Ana-Maria Bamberger's scene-setting and plotting are faultless"
"Both actors had wonderful clarity and projection in their delivery; Steve Wickenden giving Anton a pugnacious intelligence and self-belief, but also reflective moments where he tried to gauge the reality of what he's seeing. Kathryn Worth gave us two (differently) damaged women, both very believable in voice and in body language"
"This is a real five-star production. Try to catch it." *****
"I was very pleased and surprised to discover a new version of the play, tremendously energetic, engaging the audience from the first five minutes, with three characters played by two wonderful actors able to support a good firing line and the new discovered text's punchlines"

Author: Ana-Maria Bamberger
Cast: Steve Wickenden, Kathryn Worth
Director: Genevieve Amber Evelyn Girling



AVAnti Productions [UK] and Magus Theatre [DE] have now partnered to bring this 5 stars production to London. We are currently trying to secure a London theatre for a normal 3 weeks run, create a new set and hire a venue for a week rehearsals.


"Belvedere enthralls" (Hamburger Abendblatt)
"Intelligent and highly enjoyable theater" (Hamburger Morgenpost)
"Fabulous" (Die Welt)