Showreel production is an art that requires an understanding of what casting directors / agents / producers want to see (and what they don’t want to see). We are in the best position to advise you on this, considering our complex company and experience on both agent's side, as well as casting directors and producers.

Send us the footage...

We'll talk about what you'd like...

We'll send you a draft...

Your new showreel is ready for uploading or burning to disc.

Instead of making you come in, sit down and feel pressured to make decisions - as the hourly rate ticks by - we work remotely so your decisions can be measured and considered. You can also show drafts of your reel to your agent along the way for additional feedback, making your investment work for you. Plus, this means we can work together wherever you are in the UK, or anywhere in the world... 

Once you deliver us the footage you’d like included (in any format you have), we’ll chat about what you feel you’d like and we take it from there – discussing scene selection, edit choices, and style.

Whether you’re an actor, a voice artist, an animator, writer or musician, we can create a showreel that will do you justice and show you at your best.

Showreel packages are between £150 - £200. Please watch our discount offers on APM SHOP.


If you have filmed material requiring editing, if you have a vision and the video, but no technical skills or if you just have old recordings you want to revive, we can edit them back to life.

Collect all the footage you have...

Tell us what you'd like to end up with...

We'll send you a draft...

Your footage is now revived and ready for uploading, sending or burning to disc.

Footage shot at weddings, on holiday, family occasions, sporting events can all be hugely improved by objective editing from an experienced eye – making them much more presentable and enjoyable.

Deliver us the footage in any format; from any camera, on DVD or even mobile phone - tell us what you’d like to end up with and we will quote you a great price bespoke to the job and promise a delivery time.

General Video Editing projects are quoted by the hour, between £25-50/per hour.

Further services can be added to a simple edit, like credits, subtitles, certain special effects, etc.

Please CONTACT US for a quote.