Semi-finalists of APM Short Script Competition 2014

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 With a day delay, due to server connection failure, and before we start pre-production to a new feature lenght film, AVANTI P&M is very happy to announce this year Semi-finalists of our Short Script Competition 2014. We have been overwhelmed with submissions, more than we've expected and we thank everybody for taking the time to participate in our first script competition.

After deliberations , these are our Semi-finalists, in NO particular order:

"Inner Journey" by Bill Sarre

"75-44-5" by Christiaan Kutlik

"The Perfect Smile" by Rajnish Mehra

"Appunti per la prossima volta che moriro" (Notes for when I'll die next time) by Stefano Bozzo

"Baby It's You" by Anca Irina Burfa

"The Redemption of Frank Malone" by Mary Goldman

"The Grieving Spell" by Bill Sarre

"Flight" by Amanda Richardson

"Wolves in priestly clothing" by Jagdish R. Singh

"The Virgin"  by Anna Harrison

"Wheel" by Ash Dawotal

"WiFighters" by Rahdy Elwan

"A Promise in a Bubble" by Rachel Reaugh

"The Hex Factor" by Paul Martin

"Distance" by Frederick Everest

"Dig" by Amanda Richardson

"A nice cucumber salad for lunch" by Vicky Heath

"Dalia" by Alexandra Kleanthous

"No more tomorrows" by Mark Renshaw

"The Ice Road" by Taylor Albertson

"Dead Sprint" by Jason Tostevin

"It's been fun" by Sean Tuohy

"This Little Light" by Shannon Ko

"The Docks" by John Jack McGuire


Finalists will be announced on 30th November 2014, followed by the Grand Winner on 1st December.

APM Short Screenplay Competition 2014 gets listed

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AVANTI Productions & Management Limited is very happy to announce that our first ever Short Screenplay Competition organised this year has been listed on major screenwriting competition websites and you now can submit through whichever platform you feel comfortable with:


EARLY BID Deadline - 8th September

REGULAR Deadline - 14th Octomber

LATE Deadline - 31st October

2014 APM Short Screenplay Competition - CALL FOR ENTRIES

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AVANTI PRODUCTIONS & MANAGEMENT LTD. is happy to announce a first 2014 APM Short Screenplay Competition, as we are now looking to source brilliant short scripts for production. We welcome all genres in our screenplay competition, as we will need your help to become inspired on what to create next. We offer a door to opportunity to every writer worldwide and we will be honored to receive your submissions.

Please visit our SHORT SCREENPLAY COMPETITION page to read more and SUBMIT your SCREENPLAY !!!

We are officially opened for submissions!!! 


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AVANTI P&M is very excited to announce that our wonderful actress CAROLINE BURNS COOKE is going to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 for a full  run with the American production of THE TRIAL OF JANE FONDA, with Oscar nominater, Golden Globe winner, actress Anne Archer in lead role, understudied by our brilliant actress. 


has just finished a short preview period in London at The Gatehouse Theatre and

will be seen in Edinburgh at The Assembly Rooms, opening on Wednesday, 30th July.

Jane Fonda is one of the most controversial anti-war activists in American history. On 18th June 1988, in a little-known event, Fonda confronted a group of hostile Vietnam veterans at a church in Waterbury, Connecticut, who were boycotting the filming of her movie STANLEY & IRIS, co-starring Robert De Niro. They feel she has betrayed the country and them. A former chaplain makes it possible for both sides to hear each other. This is based on a true incident. The vets are loosely based on the real men who attended. The true story of what Fonda actually did and how her actions helped end the Vietnam War has never been told before.

Starring Oscar nominated, Golden Globe winner, Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger).

Written and directed by seven-time Emmy-winning producer/director, Terry Jastrow.


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AVANTI P&M is very pleased to announce that two of our represented actors - STEPHANIE HAZEL & TOM CLEAR - have been cast in lead roles in a new short film entitled GROUPIE, directed by Richard Anthony Dunford and produced by Kerzam Productions company.

STEPHANIE HAZEL is inheriting the role of Groupie, and TOM CLEAR is inheriting the role of Channing Hark Smith, a rock band front man.


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AVANTI P&M is very pleased to announce that our represented actor JOE BUCKINGHAM has been cast in a new short film entitled SCRABBLE, produced and directed by Margreta Berg Hagen.


A couple is playing a game of scrabble, when all of a sudden the game becomes real.

The words they put down start to happen. The woman, Jackie, decide to put this to good use, and try to get her husband's attention away from the game.

JOE BUCKINGHAM is inherting the husband's role, under the name of Fredrik Kristian Aarhus.


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AVANTI P&M is very happy to announce that our wonderful actor TOM CLEAR has been cast in a new stage production and will be perfoming in ARUNDEL FESTIVAL between 17 - 23 Augut 2013


TOM CLEAR is inheriting the role of Trever, in the new play TRIPTYCH.

HEARTS OF COLD STONE (aka Precious Vengeance) finalist in Screenplay Search competition

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We are very happy to announce that HEARTS OF COLD STONE (aka PRECIOUS VENGEANCE) script,written by British playwright Stephen M. Hunt is a finalist in yet another Hollywood screenwriting competition, this time: Screenplay Search.

EMELYE O'DWYER on Jane Austen's UK tour

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We are very happy to announce that EMELYE O'DWYER has been cast in two Jane Austen's productions of Chapterhouse Theatre Company and she will be touring UK

between 13th June - 7th September 2013.

Emelye is inheriting the role of MARIANNE in SENSE AND SENSIBILITY productions,


For tour dates, please click the titles.

BOGDAN ZSOLT on tour in South Korea

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BOGDAN ZSOLT is currently on tour in South Korea, between 29th April - 6th May 2013, with the highly acclaimed theatre show "CRIES AND WHISPERS" by Ingmar Bergman, directed by the legendary Andrei Serban.

A play about "how you make a movie" and about Method-acting, where Bogdan Zsolt inherits five characters, including the very own playwright itself. For his performance in this show, our brilliant actor Bogdan Zsolt has received in 2011

the BEST ACTOR UNITER AWARD from the Romanian Association of Theatre Artists.

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