KOGAION BOOKS, the first bilingual English/Romanian Publishing House in the UK

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AVANTI P&M is very happy to announce the creation of our first imprint

KOGAION BOOKS is a British independent publishing house based in south of England and

will function as a bilingual publishing house, printing books in English and Romanian languages

without genre restrictions, but focused on scholarly and literary work.

KOGAION BOOKS is a print and online publishing house,

working with printers around the world and delivering books in the following formats:

hardcover, papeback and eBook.

You can find us at

ODETTE ALEXANDRU launching her first bilingual book

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With great joy, we announce that our represented writer ODETTE ALEXANDRU, together with co-author and long term partner Victor Alexandru, are launching their first book:


in bilingual editions, English & Romanian.

The book takes you on a journey of rediscovering God, in these hard economic times, where temptation is hungry for our souls and at times we might think there is no way out. It is a book laboured throughout the recession's time in the UK and can be a lesson of how we can re-discover our true image, mirroring The One we've been created in...


The Book Launch will take place Sunday, 16th September 2012 from 11:30am at

 ST. LUKE'S CHURCH in Kingston-upon-Thames, and it will include: a rehearsed reading of an excerpt, performed by actor MIHAI ARSENE and Father MARTIN HISLOP, followed by the book  presentation, Q & As with the authors, as well as a autograph signing session. Copies of the book will be available to the public at the event.

The event will be followed by a traditional Romanian Sunday lunch at the Vicarage garden of St. Luke's Church.

Any faith believer is welcomed, as we are One into HIM.


Publishing premiere: first time ever LUMINA LUMII magazine in eBook format !

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For the first time ever, we are very pleased to announce that 
we've managed to complete the first step of an amazing publishing project: 
the academic research annual magazine of St. Antim ivireanul Cultural Foundation: 
THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD no. 19-20 [Lumina Lumii nr. 19 - 20), 
now available in Ebook format through Lulu Marketplace.

Recurenta in procesul creatiei populare by Ioan St. Lazar (Romanian edition)

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 paperback                                                                     eBook


One of our first editing projects is available now to buy from and as either paperback or eBook.

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Dioptricon by Ioan St. Lazăr (Romanian edition)

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DIOPTRICON by Ioan St. Lazăr

paperback                                                            eBook


DIOPTRICON (Romanian version) is available to buy from and as either paperback or eBook.

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