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  1. Why invest With AVAnti Productions?


    AVAnti Productions was launched in February 2009 with the specific aim to finance and produce quality commercial British feature films. Our company’s strategy is to develop a number of excellent scripts to which we can attach high profile partners. 

    Simultaneously AVAnti Productions will develop a client base of investors by means of the public offerings of shares under the Government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Thus, positioning the company to take advantage of the UK growing Box Office. It has been proven over the years by a consistent share of the BAFTAs' and OSCARs' awards, that Britain has a wealth of talented actors and film-makers to draw upon, many being in constant high demand at Hollywood.

    AVAnti Productions will be in a position to work with our outstanding actors, technicians and writers in bringing its slate of films to the screen. The tax incentive offered through the EIS scheme is only the initial attraction for investors. Indeed, it's not only the recession proof investing part of the business that should attract you to invest in our films. There is also the entire glamour and excitement of being personally involved in the film making process, where you will be able to meet the cast & crew, be given the opportunity to participate on set to our filming days, take an VIP spot at the film premieres & festivals, as well as a featured extra in the film you have invested in.

  2. Can I invest as an overseas investor?

    Yes, you can invest in our films, if you are an overseas investor, although the various EIS tax reliefs may not be available.

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  3. What tax reliefs are available through the EIS scheme?

    There are several types of tax relief available:

    1. Income Tax Relief

    2. Capital Gains Tax Exemption

    3. Capital Gains Tax Deferral

    4. Loss Relief

    5. Inheritance Tax Relief

  4. How much can I initially offset with the combined Inland Revenue and Capital Gains Tax Deferral Reliefs?

    You can offset: 60 pence in the £1.


    This is based on the assumption that an Investor would otherwise pay tax at 40% on the chargeable gain.

  5. How much can I benefit from this relief?

    This is an exercise:

    Type of Relief:   EIS income tax relief   vs  EIS Capital gains tax deferral

    Maximum rate:                    20%                                         18%

    Maximum annual:  £500,000/pp                             No upper limit

    Maximum tax:        £100,000pp                               Capital Gains Tax                                                                                    deferral - can defer up to                                                                                18% of the amount invested

  6. How can I benefit from a 40% rather than an 18% Captial Gains Tax Deferral?

    As of April 2008 Capital Gains Tax changed from 40% to 18%.

    However, Capital Gains Tax Deferral can be claimed for 3 years prior to the time of the investment.

  7. Is there any limit on the value of EIS shares I can buy in any one tax year?





    The annual limit is £500,000 per individual in each tax year.


    Therefore, as a couple the limit is £1,000,000.


    However, there is no such limit on CGT Deferral Relief.

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