Avanti Productions & Management looks upon their investors as more than just financiers. We see them as Partners and will treat them as such. Our approach is to keep our amount of shareholders to a minimum ensuring that each and every one is looked after in a personal and professional manner.

Avanti Productions & Management Ltd. will ensure that our investors are well-informed on every aspect of the films development. We will provide full financial reports and comprehensible information on a regular basis through the Investors newsletter section on our website.

Please feel free to browse our slate of films, the Investors' Toolkit below, as well as our fundraising campaings here


Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

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Why invest into film?


Expected ROI of 183% (Based on previous Industry figures)


Historically films have generated spectacular returns on investment, over a short to mid term period.Absolutely no correlation to the financial markets, making them a prized assetRoyalties - unprecedented growth of online distribution and media companies generating huge demand for ongoing quality content.AAA* InsuredLow RiskInvestment Terms from 3 - 25 years

The film industry has seen consistent improvement and growth throughout these austere times. In fact, demand has never been higher.

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