David Grant is a London based author with a Masters Degree in Ancient History. His first book, "IN SEARCH OF THE LOST TESTAMENT OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT" is the result of a decade of research and presents a ground-breaking bold reinterpretation of the events of the era. 
  Through his research in Greece, he is acquainted with the archaeologist and anthropologists working on the royal tombs in Ancient Macedonia and his second book "THE TOMB OF THE 13TH GOD" recounts these fascinating discoveries.  
  Nevertheless, using his knowledge base and academic contacts, David Grant plans a number of follow-on books set in the era, both non-fiction and fiction.


 Ioan St. Lazar is a Romanian author, member of the Romanian Writer's Union, with more than 45 years of cultural activity as a poet, historian and literary critic, ethnologist, publicist and editor of periodical publications. With a Ph.D in Ethnology he developed an academic career at "Spiru Haret" University and later at Pitesti University before retiring a few years ago.
For the past 25 years he worked as an Executive President of St. Antim Ivireanul Cultural Foundation, where he immersed himself in the study of the life and works of St. Antim Ivireanul, having as result an annual academic magazine with research articles on the focus topic, but also a series of personal volumes.



A well-known Italian actor with an international career, Daniele Favili is also a screenwriter. He is credited on the Italian film "Bingo" (2010) and the upcoming TV series "The Magnificents". He is currently working to develop another feature film, as well as a few TV series on various genres, including sci-fi.

A Welsh actor and screenwriter, Justin's first pilot for THE CLEANERS (TV series) was 
commissioned in 2015. Justin continues to work on developing other new TV drama series.

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