PRECIOUS VENGEANCE (2015), written by Stephen M. Hunt

LOGLINE: After his daughters are raped and murdered by Nazis in Paris and thesubsequent dissolving of his marriage, a Polish artist agrees to bankroll a fledging French Resistance group to seek vengeance 

upon the Nazis.

PRECIOUS VENGEANCE is our new feature film entering development stage and a very dear script to our hearts indeed. Written by British playwright Stephen M. Hunt, PRECIOUS VENGEANCE has raised exceptional reviews from industry professionals in Europe and Hollywood. The script is a fresh perspective on WW2 genre, functioning as a fascinating hybrid in equal parts: the study of a marriage under unimaginable strain and a chronicle of French Resistance groups and the interplay of large historical forces.


PRECIOUS VENGEANCE tells an important story of historical atrocities, as it earnestly explores the process of profound grief and reconciliation.It is a heartfelt look at the impact of Nazi-committed atrocities on a Polish family, French Resistance members and innocent civilians of the French populace. Its richly observed central characters and relationships will appeal to the finest "A" list directors and actors.

PRECIOUS VENGEANCE has achieved maximum recognition with several script analysis professionals, being now marked as  

R E C O M M E N D E D project.


AVANTI Productions & Management Ltd. is now inviting film studios, film production companies, investors and sponsors to become shareholders in this venture and bring this exceedingly well-written script to screen.

To receive a pick of the latest script review in Hollywood, together with other details, please express your interest in producing PRECIOUS VENGEANCE.

AVANTI Productions & Management Ltd. is a UK based production company. The UK is one of the countries currently signed up to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production. You can view a copy of the agreement and list signatories on the Council of Europe website. Also, available for your perusal is the UK co-production agreement with France, which is of great importance for the scope of this production. Qualifying PRECIOUS VENGEANCE as a British film under one of the UK’s official co-production treaties provides a number of advantages: eligibility to apply to apply to the BFI Film Fund and eligibility to apply for the UK’s film tax relief.

For more details, please CONTACT US.

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