AVAnti Productions is currently open to receiving screenplays for short films and feature length films, set in European contemporary and period times.

We do advise you to submit your screenplay, prior to our reading, to be analysed by script experts and we happily recommend: in London, as well as in Hollywood.

And as we are old fashioned and like to enjoy a good reading, we would ONLY accept full screenplay submissions by post to:

AVAnti Productions & Management Ltd.

Units 2-8, 31 St. Aubyns 

Brighton, BN3 2TH, UK. 

Make sure you include contact details with an e-mail, so we can confirm receipt of your material. No further contact or feedback will be provided to your screenplay submission, unless it is of interest to our production side of the company. Any materials that you'll submit, will not be returned, unless an A4 Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope is included with your submission.

Alternatively, you can launch your scripts through 



AVAnti Productions is not set up to read and respond to unsolicited theatre scripts. We would suggest submitting new work to venues in London like Bush, Hampstead, National Theatre, Royal Court or Soho Thetre, all of which accept unsolicited work.

Any materials send in to us, unfortunately, will not be returned.

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