THE GAME OF THE CHEETAH (feature film)

Logline: A scientist invents two different potions, in order to keep the recollection of his life throughout the reincarnation cycle, but accidentaly he drinks the wrong one with occured consequences...

Writen & Directed by Dan Pero Manescu, THE GAME OF THE CHEETAH is a very British film, taking you back to the mysteries and romance of an old manor house and its inhabitants, new and old... This film will be our second feature length film production, shooting in Europe and Africa.

Currently attached to the project are:

- Producers: Veronica Lazar, Dan Pero Manescu 

- Writer: Dan Pero Manescu

- Director: Dan Pero Manescu

- Cinematographer: Thierry Arbogast (The Fifth Element, Leon, Nikita, Catwoman, Femme Fatale, The Secret Book, Ridicule, Joan of Arc, etc.)

- Sound Designer: Christinel Sirli

- Currently cast: Mihai ArseneJoan PascuRosa Maria Paz and Aliki Chrysochou.

- Stunt Coordinator: Cristian Prisecaru 

Further actors will be attached as soon as the project receives enough financial backing to be Green Light for production stage.

THE GAME OF THE CHEETAH has already been announced on IMDB and received a listing.

AVAnti Productions has partnered with Creative Sound from Paris, who will provide sound post-production services for this project.

AVAnti Productions is a UK based production company. The UK is one of the countries currently signed up to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production. You can view a copy of the agreement and list signatories on the Council of Europe website.

For more details, please CONTACT US.

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